Toto Neorest 550 Review

The best thing about modern toilets is that they give you a sense of comfort. A toilet can transform the look of your bathroom as well. But the problem is, very few toilets grant you aesthetics and performance at the same time. Toto Neorest 550 is one such toilet.

It will transform your bathroom into a futuristic one. At the same time, this high-end toilet grants you the desired performance level. It comes with a powerful flush.

Also, it is super quiet and perfect for using late at night. The feature packed toilet will make your life easier with a bunch of benefits. How? Read my Toto Neorest 550 Review to find out.

The Toto Trademark Design


The reason I say trademark is because Toto toilets use a specific SanoGlass coating on the toilet bowl. This is not your average coating or color. In fact, this layer saves this toilet from bacteria, mildew and all types of infecting agents.

I find the SanoGlass particularly useful as it keeps the bowl shiny and new. That means I don’t have to worry about any corrosive agents.

Cleaning this toilet also becomes easy once you have a coating that keeps your toilet brand new for ages. Combine with it the amazing mechanics of this bathroom fitting, and you have a product that is usable for years to come.

The Seat is Something of a Wonder!

Toto Neorest 550 is a self-sufficient toilet. This toilet has a lid that gets up and down on its own. You’d expect this in an automatic toilet. But here’s where it gets interesting.

You’ll find this seat has a warmer built in. This is especially helpful during winter months. I even tinkered with the temperature and was able to adjust according to my liking.

The controls are easy to interpret. Just one look at the manual is all you need to get the hang of this toilet.

Need a Night Light? Turn to Toto

Toto Neorest 550 takes care of the fact that your kids are too afraid to go to the toilet at night. It features a night light. This light provides a beautiful glow at night to help children use the toilet in the dark. This lovely light can be helpful in other ways too.

For instance, during the power outages, this self-contained toilet glows. It saved me a lot of bills as I don’t need a light in my bathroom most of the times.

This Toilet is for Everyone

Not to forget Toto Neorest 550 Toilet is for everyone regardless of age. It is ADA, ASME and cUPC certified. The certifications mean that it is safe for use and the seat is at a comfortable height.

This means even the seniors will have no trouble using this toilet. It is fully automatic. That is why people with some sort of disability will fancy using this bathroom furniture too.

This is a bit heavy with 86 pounds. But another bright side is, you’ll have a 3-year warranty period. That is an additional two years more than industry rivals Kohler products.

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  • Fully automated toilet.
  • Comes with a superior flushing system.
  • ADA, ASME and cUPC certified.
  • Seat has a warming device underneath.
  • 3-year warranty


  • Some customers stated that you need to chop and change your bathroom fittings for this toilet to work.
  • A bit heavy at 86 pounds.

FAQ Regarding the Product

Q: Do I need to buy anything else with the toilet?

A: Although some Toto Neorest 550 Reviews mentioned that you need to chop and change your bathroom fittings, but I found everything in order. Things you need do come with the package. I needed nothing else.

Q: Is Toto Neorest 550 a properly elongated toilet?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: What kind of outlets do I need for this electric toilet?

A: You need not do anything special. Just standard outlets will do.

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Final Verdict

As Toto Neorest 550 Review draws to a conclusion, I just want to say this product will change how you go about your business in your bathroom.

Since it is a fully automatic and electric toilet, things will take 3-4 days of “Getting Used to.” At this time, Neorest 550 Manual will help you a lot.

This is a popular toilet setup due to the “Hands-free” nature of its operations. Also, it requires minimal to no maintenance, and you will enjoy using it. It is a solid recommendation from me, hands down!

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