Toto Drake II Double Cyclone Review

Toto Toilets are generally known for their performance and lavishness. The TOTO franchise has manufactured some of the high-end and mid-ranged toilets with amazing features.

One such feature is the Double Cyclone Flush Technique that cleans more waste while keeping the toilet bowl clean.

While doing that, TOTO keeps the water consumption low. Those of you who are thinking that this technology is expensive, I’ve good news.

TOTO has Manufactured TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II toilet with this flush system that is a mid-range toilet.

While you’ll be able to avail the infamous flush system with Drake II, there are other benefits as well. Do You want to know? Read this TOTO Double Cyclone Drake II Toilet Review to find out.

The Innovative Design Sense of TOTO


As a two-piece toilet, TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II comes with an elongated bowl. This gives the user extra space to maneuver. Surprisingly, TOTO Drake II Double Cyclone Toilet takes up a lot less space than some of its contemporaries.

The two-piece toilet has a large water tank too. It doesn’t come with a seat, but you can purchase one without problems. It even has an option to employ lockable lids if you so choose.

With a seat, the elongated bowl’s height will just be like a chair. So, the users, regardless of age, can use the toilet without troubles.

The Flushing System

Drake II uses Double Cyclone Flush technology as a part of their Gravity-Max flushing system. This means the flush has two nozzles or outlets. These two nozzles or outlets provide separate streams of water.

The output nozzles for this toilet are set at an angle. Thus, the two streams swirl, go down the hole and create a water pressure that cleans every type of waste from the bowl. In the end, this leaves your toilet bowl spotless and clean.

How to Clean this TOTO Drake II

Like any other Drake II, TOTO Double Cyclone Review would tell you, the toilet uses SanaGloss to coat the toilet bowl and surroundings. Also, the flush valve is 3-inch in diameter as opposed to the normal 2-inch ones.

So, the extremely high pressured water runs down flush valve and 2-1/8-inch trapway comfortably. As the flush takes out the waste that you throw in, it effectively cleans the bowl every time.

And thanks to SanaGloss coating, you can use any disinfectant or cleaning agent from time to time without worrying about scratches or chipping damages.

Does it Save Water?

Like all the other TOTO Toilet products, Drake II Double Cyclone Toilet also saves a considerable amount of water. The Double Cyclone Flush disperses 1.28 GPF water.

Due to the wide flush valve and trapway, this cleans more waste with less amount of water. The result is, you can save near about 20% water per year. It eventually contributes to your annual money savings.

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  • Attractive, Ceramic design.
  • Double Cyclone Technology provides powerful flush system.
  • The flush is quiet.
  • Provides total cleanliness.
  • Doesn’t clog, you won’t need a plunger.
  • ADA compliant toilet.


  • Doesn’t come with a seat.
  • Too pricey for common people.

FAQ about the Product

Q: Some TOTO Drake II Double Cyclone Reviews mentioned, bolts are not included with the package. What does TOTO Say about this?

A: Toto does provide tools to connect the tank and the toilet bowl together. It even provides color matched bolt caps for closet flange. You’ll need to buy some things yes. Those are a few bolts, a wax ring, and a hose.

Q: What type of toilet bowl cleaner do you use with TOTO Drake II

A: TOTO has cleared that you can use any type of commercial toilet bowl cleaner you choose. My personal advice would be to use Lysol.

Q: Where are TOTO Toilets manufactured?

A: TOTO is a global company. It has branches in multiple companies like Japan, USA, Germany, etc.

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Final Verdict

TOTO is known to provide value for your money. With my TOTO Drake II Double Cyclone Review, it should be clear by now that this one rivals some of the best bathroom commodities of the world. Be it the design or performance, TOTO Drake II always excels.

This mid-range toilet can easily substitute your old toilet and provide thousand times better experience. Also, the ADA compliance of this commodity means that elderly people in your house will love using this toilet for answering nature’s call. I definitely recommend TOTO Drake II Double Cyclone Toilet.

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