Best Portable Toilets – Guide & Reviews

Best Portable Toilets – Guide & Reviews

Going for a call is one of the most basic activities of life without which health and life itself cannot exist. Getting rid of waste from the body is a very crucial process of keeping the body alive and in admirable good health.

Sometimes though when you need to take a call, it happens at a time when you may not be close to a bathroom or washroom to be able to relieve yourself.

Best Portable Toilets

It might be out on a camping trip or even a long road trip, and in the middle of nowhere you realize your bowels beginning to complain, and you need to dispose of their content immediately.

This is where your portable toilet becomes a great partner. You get a semi- structure of your usual toilet at home only that it may not be as detailed as the one, just a bit different. But still, it comes in handy at times like these.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are a tricky product to shop for, and it would not be surprising to find yourself with a product that you regret buying because it doesn’t meet your expectations; on top of that, it doesn’t do its job well. Here are some of the things you should consider carefully as you buy your portable toilet.

Duration Of Your Trip
The nature of the trip you are taking will determine the kind or type of portable toilet you will need.

For example, a short trip that will last say 1 to 2 days, it would not be practical to use a heavy, sophisticated and complex toilet. This would go well with a luggable loo for instance.

Strength And Quality Of Construction
Also, you will need to know what your portable toilet is made of before you commit your cash to buying it. It’s good to have a toilet that’s high tech but what if it has a tendency to break down all the time? Then it won’t be very wise to have it.

Suitability says that depending on the situation at hand, your product should be the right kind and type and not over or under what’s expected or necessary for that situation.

If for instance, you have more than five people out for a camp, too simple a toilet like a luggable loo wouldn’t be appropriate. The opposite is also true.

Portability doesn’t mean any comfort. Wherever you will be using the portable toilet, you need to feel comfortable no matter how remote the place. So matters like sitting height and bowl construction need to be taken into consideration seriously.

Portability And Weight
Just like suggested above, these toilets are supposed to be portable, and you can’t be talking about portability without including weight in the discussion. Your portable toilet needs to be easy to carry and at the same time light for the same.

Recommended Best Portable Toilets
There are portable toilet makers out here who have dedicated their time to making excellent products and it is these great products that we review to give you an informed view of field so that you can make a wise decision about the same.

Thetford 92360 Porta Portable Toilet

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Porta Potti is the world’s leading brand for making portable toilets, and as such, it is not that for no reason.

An incredible toilet suitable for the road, at home and even out in the water, this toilet provides a clean, odorless option that you will find resourceful.

Sleek Design
A product save from carrying out its basic normal functions, should look good and be made with the design fully in mind. This product is made with a sleek modern design and one that gives it a homelike feel.

Comfort is one thing not to overlook, and it sure isn’t overlooked in this portable toilet. The seat height of this product is made such that you don’t struggle a lot. The size of the bowl is also increased for added comfort. On top of that, there is an integrated toilet paper holder.

Battery-Powered Flush- Controls
To begin with, is it not incredible that this portable toilet can be flushed? This tells you how important waste management is to the makers of the product. It has flush controls that are powered by batteries that are hidden.

Improved Water Tank Carrying Handle
Portability takes into account lots of things, and how the product will be carried or the ease with which it will be carried adds extra points for the product. The Thetford 92360 has an improved handle that makes the toilet water tank easy to carry around.

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet

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This is a portable toilet that was made putting into consideration that privacy, comfort, and economy can never be ignored.

So it is one that saves your money while offering you a private yet comfortable option for a toilet.

Easy To Set Up And Bring Down
For a portable product, it is crucial that the setting up and bringing down of the product be easy and least complicated.

The Cleanwaste go anywhere a complete portable toilet is made so that you will have the easiest time setting it up and bringing it down too.

Lots Of Space
This product comes with a tent that ensures privacy when using the toilet. It offers enough space and room within for any person.

All you do is just get in and get into the business, no worries about privacy and no worries about space.

Additionally, this product comes full with all its side accessories. This makes it much cheaper to buy than the buying each of these pieces separately which would be so much more expensive. In this light, this product becomes economical and very affordable.

Comfort has to be considered in every aspect of every product made, and the portable toilet is not an exception.

Comfort makes life so much more bearable, and when you’re out on a camp, for example, comfort can prove to be a critical matter. This product exemplifies comfort, makes it a basic fact.

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet
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Camco is a renowned company in making of portable toilets, and this is because of the many good things offered in its products as you will see below.

It is made with all the aspects that come into play when out there in mind. It will cover you all the way.

Sturdy Polyethylene Construction, Compact And Lightweight
A portable toilet is most likely going to be used in conditions that are not as kind as at home. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need your toilet tough and sturdy.

This one is exactly that. On top of that, it is compact and lightweight to make portability a much more practical reality.

5.3 Gallon Holding Tank That’s Detachable
You will need your portable toilet to be able to hold a lot of material especially if you are out for a long while. It is not the best experience emptying your toilet every few uses.

This portable toilet can handle 5.3 gallons which is a considerable volume and the tank is detachable as well.

Includes Biodegradable Toilet Chemical
Waste management is a matter of close consideration for the makers of this toilet. When buying it, it comes with packets of Camco’s TST biodegradable toilet chemical which helps you deal with the waste that collects in accumulates in your waste tank.

Side Latch To Secure The Tank To The Toilet
It can be a very bad experience if your toilet tank is not well secured, you risk spilling content from it everywhere unnecessarily which you will learn the hard way isn’t the most amusing thing when it happens.

That is why this product is made with side latches to secure the tank to the toilet firmly and tightly and make sure whatever is inside remains inside and doesn’t come out unless intended for.

Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet

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When you are out there doing whichever fun activity you will be involved in, to have a toilet that can serve its basic functions perfectly and still offer great features on top of that, makes your trip wonderful and enjoyable without worries.

Sturdy Full-Size Seat/ Lid, Matte Finish Hiding Scratches
This product understands the significance of being strong as a portable toilet. It is tough and sturdy and with a full-size seat and lid. Aside from that, it is made with a matte finish which works to hide scratches on the toilet.

3.2 Gallon Freshwater Holding Tank, 5-Gallon Waste- Water Holding Tank
Volume cannot be overlooked if you are going out for a while and as such it is important to have enough for both your freshwater tank and holding tank as well. This product gives you a 3.2-gallon fresh water holding tank and waste holding tank of 5 gallons.

One Piece, Leak Proof Tanks Made Of High-Density Polyethylene
Further, this toilet is made as on piece which makes it easily manageable and simple to work with. Its tanks are leak proof, made of high-density polyethylene meaning you don’t have to worry about water or waste leaking down from your toilet.

Shipped Fully Assembled; 14.5″ High
This product is shipped to your destination being fully assembled and ready to use. You might ask how this is important. It is important because it saves you the trouble of setting up which sometimes proves to be a problem for many people.

Stansport Portable Folding Toilet
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For a portable toilet to fold is a very impressive feature because to carry around needs a manageable volume.

This product is made to suit the outdoors so that you can go with it anywhere without worries of storage and so forth.

Compact, Portable Toilet For Use In Camping, Boating
To begin with, a factor that a portable toilet needs to consider basic in its working is compactness and portability which this product has mastered.

In this sense, if you are going out for a camp or drive you can easily carry it and because of compactness, finding a place to set it up becomes an easy task.

White Plastic Molded Seat On Heavy- Duty Tubular Steel Legs
This product is made with materials that are likely to last long and have the ability to handle difficulties of the outdoors gracefully.

With a white plastic molded seat on heavy duty tubular steel legs, you still get the experience of a good toilet but one that is tough and durable.

Folds Compactly; Comes With Six Plastic Bags
Storage being basic when traveling or moving around, your toilet needs to fit into small spaces comfortably.

That’s why this product can be folded nicely into a smaller contraption making it easy to store and keep. Also, it comes with six plastic bags, so you have something to start with.

Bags Are Held In Place By A Removable Plastic Ring
The plastic bags that come with the product, each one when being used cannot stand on its own, and that’s why they are held in place by a round plastic ring which can be removed any time when you are done using the toilet.

Final Verdict
A portable toilet is a savior, a wonderful tool that brings your toilet wherever you are. It is, therefore, good that you know which portable toilets being sold out there are good and which ones are not.

This article has offered you valuable insight into the best products and the bulk now remains with you to make the wise decision.

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