Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review

Are you decorating your new house or apartment? Are you planning to furnish your restroom in a fancy way? Then you must check out the toilet bowl I am reviewing today – the Kohler K-3819-0 Memoirs Toilet.

Now, why am I recommending this toilet out of many others? I am doing so because this product has got excellent features and elegant looks, but does not cost you much. So have a look at this Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review to know better about this commodity.

Designed for Elegance


Our bathrooms and restrooms deserve as much elegance and style as out bedrooms and living rooms. And that is why Kohler has made its Memoirs Toilet Model K-3819-0. It is a toilet that fits right well in your budget and your classy restroom.

The K-3819-0 can enhance the aesthetic your bathroom with their state-of-the-art design, which is not too flashy, not too dull looking. This two-piece toilet goes well with all sorts of bathroom decorations.

Easy Installation

Along with its other great features, Kohler Memoirs K-3819-0 has been designed to be easy in every way. It is thus very easy to install.

The Memoirs toilet seat requires 3 bolt installation. It already has three pre-installed bolts for the tank. So you can save a lot of time when installing.

Ease and Comfort

Toilet seats come in various shapes and sizes. Even if the shape doesn’t bother much, one factor will bother a lot if not felt suitable – height. In most houses, there is somebody old, young and adult.

And they all don’t prefer toilet seats of the same height, especially the old ones. Seating on a low or high seat can be bothersome.

But if you install Kohler Memoirs K-3819-0, there will be no such discomfort. It has comfortable elongated toilet bowl with a comfortable height for the seat. The height is same as that of a standard chair.

As a result, esp. the old folks of the house will feel no difficulty using K-3819-0 Memoirs Toilet every day. The height suits all ages, so the young ones will also have a satisfying experience.

Sitting down and standing up is a very easy business with this toilet as any Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review would tell you.

Excellent Flushing

There’s more to Kohler Memoirs toilet than elegance and ease. One of the key features of any toilet is its flushing. Kohler has manufactured the Memoirs with AquaPiston Canister Flushing Valve. One of the bests in this category found today. The canister design of the valve is what that makes it so special.

This 3.2 valve has optimum intake and outtake ratio, which results in efficient and excellent flushing. It has 1.28 GPF, in contrast to the commonly found 1.6 GPF.

But that doesn’t mean any compromise has been made in its performance. Water enters into the AquaPiston valve from 360’, thus increasing its power.

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  • Elongated Toilet bowl comforts everyone.
  • Maximum waste flushing performance
  • The toilet bowl remains clean and fresh after continuous use.
  • AquaPiston Canister Flush Valve ensures easy and efficient flushing.
  • Saves water.
  • State-of-the-art design; suits all sorts of decoration styles.


  • The seat can prove to be a bit higher for some people.

FAQ for the Product

Q: Does it come with a wax ring and supply line?

A: No, you’ll have to buy the two separately. However, the installation is rather easy.

Q: Do I get a top with the tank as cover?

A: Yes, K-3819-0 Memoirs Toilet comes with a top for the tank to cover it.

Q: What is the Rough-in Size for this toilet?

A: The standard 12-inch rough in.

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Final Verdict

Toilets are things that you use on a regular basis. It is an object concerning ergonomic and style. The Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review has been written so that you can know about this commodity as much as possible by reading only.

I want to remind you one little thing – a toilet, once installed, has to be used for a good amount of time, even if you are not satisfied with it.

You don’t get to buy a new one every month, because of the money spent in buying the last one. So, take your time to choose and then decide.

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