Kohler Devonshire Review

Many of us still prefer the old school design of toilets. But we don’t want to miss out on the quality and performance of the toilet either.

Kohler, the most popular toilet manufacturers, have combined the old aesthetics with the improved quality perfectly with Kohler Devonshire Toilet series.

Be it a state-of-the-art Technology with the high-speed flushing or enhancing the visual appeal of your bathroom, Kohler does this seamlessly.

So how well does Kohler Devonshire Toilet Model K-3837-0 perform? Read my Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review to find out.

First Thing’s First – The Design


The design of Kohler K-3837-0 Devonshire toilet has subtle differences here and there. At the same time, it bears striking similarities with other Kohler models.

For example, it features an elongated bowl. Something we are used to seeing in Kohler designs. But at the same time, it features very clear lines and curves being a two-piece toilet.

The Comfort Height Model K-3837-0 is ADA certified and thanks to the accessible seat height, even the elderly can use this toilet without a problem.

Its unique bowl design allows you to flush solid waste fast and efficiently leaving nothing behind. Assembling all these things is no hard task either. The pre-installed bolts make the setup process very easy.

Secondly – Few Remarks about The Seat

The seat per say is not available with this Kohler Devonshire Toilet Model K-3837-0. It is available separately. But the height of this seat is comfortable.

It is just like a normal chair height. So, ADA certified this toilet “Safe” to use. So, even the children can use this toilet without any problems.

You can use this Kohler Devonshire Toilet in public restrooms or your home’s toilets. The elongated bowl will comfort you while you are sitting on it.

There are three different bolts which come pre-set. You won’t have to take any extreme measures to assemble the seat and the tank together.

The Quality of the Flush

Let me start by saying that the manufacturers have designed a flushing system that complies with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) instructions.

So, it is safe. Also, the flush follows a new and innovative technology which cleans out solid dirt without leaving a trace behind.

The toilet uses 12-inch standard rough in 30-1/2″ x 17-1/4″ x 31″ with Class-Five (R). That means the solid waste removal performance is top class. And to top it off, the manufacturers guarantee top notch “In Bowl Cleanliness.” To be precise, the best in its class.

Does It Save Any Water?

Any standard Kohler Devonshire Review will tell you that it does. In fact, The K-3738-0 strictly follows flushing guidelines to provide the best service to its customers.

The toilet comes with WaterSense program. This program allows you to spend less water and get more power into flushing. I ended up using around 1.28 gallons per flush.

How much water am I able to save? It is 16,500 gallons a year. It is far better than conventional toilets saving up to 3.5 gallons. All the while, the Kohler Devonshire K-3738-0 doesn’t compromise on performance.

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  • Simple old-school design.
  • Cleans the bowl perfectly.
  • Saves you water bills per annum.
  • Chrome flush lever.
  • Elongated bowl provides comfort.


  • Doesn’t come with a seat.

FAQ Regarding the Product

Q: What seat to order for this toilet?

A: As I told you earlier in my Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review, this toilet doesn’t come with a seat. But Devonshire series has compatible seats that you can order to go with this toilet.

Q: How do the three bolts work with this toilet?

A: These are three bolts for the tank and the base. These come preset.  You’ll need another two bolts for the floor.

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Final Verdict

As you can see from my Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review, the toilet bears some similarities with its other models. But this toilet is unique in its own right. Especially, it does the job of combining acclaimed aesthetics with top-notch performance of a flush and bowl.

Another reason for me to advocate for this toilet is the fact that it saves me a considerable amount of bills annually on water.

The WaterSense technology in this regard has truly been a revolution. It is the best unit to get if you are looking for looks and output at the same time.

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