Best Toilet Brushes – Guide & Reviews

Everyone desires to have their toilets sparkling clean all the time. Toilet cleaning is therefore daily routine that needs keen observation, If not perfectly done things can get messy.

This desire brings to our attention the hygiene products we use for bathroom cleaning which include a good toilet brush. Focusing on the choice of the perfect toilet brush to use is the first step.

I am walking you down that lane of the best toilet brush to make your work easier, from the point of experience and expertise. I have a list of the best toilet brushes whose design work amazingly according to my desire.

It is not only me though all of the end product users of these toilet brushes give positive feedback of their experiences.

Toilet brushes come in different sizes and shapes plus other features all in a bid by the manufacturer to provide a product that fits the preference of all buyers.

They are readily available from small stores to big market outlets. Ready availability and variety make the whole affair very tricky.

Factors to consider for the best toilet brushes

For an incredible product among the available choices, you will have the following factors to put into consideration. They will make the decision-making process much easier.


We use toilet brushes on a daily basis. If you are not keen enough you may end up getting the same low-quality product over and over, you will end up losing a lot of money. The handle material will affect durability for example.


In a bathroom setup some parts are hidden and hard to reach. Including the toilet bowl area around the rim among other regions.

An efficient toilet brush will beat the angles and perfectly clean even under the rim. Also, see to it that your toilet brush does not scratch the toilet reducing its overall appeal.

Stylish Design

The design is a key factor in determining what I like and what I don’t. The design should always be appealing to the eye. Compatibility with other bathroom accessories is also very essential and all this has to do with the design.

I like it whenever am bringing something new or replacing an old to bring one that does not conflict with the home decor.

Ease Of Use

Something comfortable to your hand while handling is all I desire. I believe i am not alone in this. When you have full command of the equipment in your hand, it translates to excellent results.

How well you can grip the toilet brush depends on with the handle design. Good grip in most instances equals to an easy to use toilet brush.

Other Factors

  • Cost
  • Bristle texture
  • Color

Best recommended toilet brushes

Below is a review of the best the available toilet brushes available in the market. They are the best, so I leave your pick to your taste and preference.

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

Editor Rating:

Oxo is an award winning houseware manufacturer.

It is no biggie to see that their OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush is an excellent product

It has a 4-star rating at Amazon putting it in a good position among the best.

Storage Canister

Oxo compact toilet brush has a canister that neatly accommodates the brush when not in use. Once you lift the toilet, the canister door is set to open automatically essentially saves you energy to bend and unhook it when you want to use.


The Oxo compact brush has a tapered brush head and sturdy bristles. Tapered brush head ensures thorough cleaning deep under the toilet rim and other hard to reach areas. The sturdy bristles ensure long-term efficiency.


To enhance the comfort of using this brush it has a well-shaped plastic handle that perfectly fit in hand. The handle of this OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush gives you a firm, comfortable grip.


It’s readily available on the market at an affordable cost. It also comes with a set the canister drip water tray that enhances water evaporation. Ventilations let in some fresh dry air hence fast evaporation. For the price and all these features, it is affordable.

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

Editor Rating:

For stained and large surfaces of your bathroom, Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush is a perfect choice since it has outstanding features that make it equal to the task.

It has a fair share of fans in the market.

Stylish Design

It has a large round brush that makes your cleaning work very easy. This enlarged size of the brush end sees to it that cleaning a larger surface is done within the shortest time possible. Helps save time.


For a perfect grip, Turbo plunger handle has a rubber cover. While doing cleaning and especially while wearing gloves, the handle may become slippery. The extended rubber is there to ensure that the brush is firmly secure in your hand


Mr. clean 440436 comes with a non-slip base. The non-slip base that holds it while you are doing the cleaning ensuring for convenient access when you want to and a convenient holder when you need to store it.

Durable Fiber

The fibers of the Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush are long lasting. They will ensure for deep cleaning for such a long period.

mDesign Metal Toilet Bowl Brush

Editor Rating:

mDesign Metal Toilet Bowl Brush is my favorite pick.

It works perfectly, and I strongly believe it is my secret to my sparkling clean washroom.

The place looks fine and fresh all day all night thanks to this mDesign Metal Toilet Bowl Brush.


mDesign Metal Toilet Bowl Brush has a steel wire that is rust proof with a bronze coating and a plastic insert to enhance its durability.

The plastic material goes hand in hand with the durability of products that we use in wet areas. The plastic canister of this product is a big plus in its durability.


mDesign Metal Toilet Bowl Brush design perfectly match with any washroom décor. It is small in size (4" diameter x 18.5") and therefore no need to worry about where to put it in your bathroom. It’s a simple product with excellent functionality.

Bristle Texture

mDesign brush has strong bristles that work perfectly for any scrubbing work. They are stiff and do not easily come off the brush while in use.


It’s available at a manageable cost. You don’t have to stretch your budget to acquire one and later regret the purchase as it is a long lasting toilet brush.

simplehuman Toilet Brush

Editor Rating:

Simplehuman toilet brush is a product that has a lot of quality features.

Simple it is, but I assure you it cleans up just as well as the slightly more complicated ones.


Its brush head is crescent shaped can easily reach areas that we consider hard to reach places which include around the toilet rim. The bristles are perfect for tough stain on surfaces and in small crack and tiles joints grooves


Simplehuman is a perfect toilet brush which has replaceable brush head. The brush head has easy to loosen screws which ensure ease of replacement.

On the other hand, this implies that once the brush head is worn out, you only dispose the head and retain the rest. Has a high-quality stainless steel rod which durable very suitable vigorous use.


The construction of the Simplehuman toilet brush incorporates a dome-shaped cover which conveniently accommodates the toilet brush.

This cover ensures for hygienic storage when not in use. A unique magnetic collar secures the brush for drip free carrying.


A five years warranty for function ability and components make it a risk-free purchase to make. Faulty products will mean operating at a loss with this warranty, so this product is durable.

BINO Toilet Brush & Holder

Editor Rating:

BINO Toilet Brush & Holder is a readily available product in the market.

We use this BINO Toilet Brush & Holder at the office for all the washrooms.

There is no way you can convince the procurement department to purchase any other toilet brush.


Measuring a mere 4.5" by 15.5" it is on the small side regarding size. Cleaners never experience storage challenges. It uses up minimal space hence a small space print in the washroom.

Bristle Texture

Bino Toilet brush has stiff plastic bristle which is a quality you always look for in a cleaning brush. The bristles are tough and get rid of the tough stain with ease and at the same time do not scratch the bowl.


Nickel-plated steel or Chrome- plated steel is an excellent choice of durable materials with great aesthetics for the Bino toilet brush. These materials overcome rust challenges of the moist washroom environment.

Drip Cup

Wait until you see how the cup looks. It looks as if it is a kitchenware. It Looks clean and very appealing to the eye it complements the washroom décor in a way. While storing it in the washroom, it does not look out of place.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a quality toilet brush to take care of your washroom troubles? You have already done the most demanding and cunning part of your journey to the perfect toilet brush by reading this review.

You will have a perfect pick to match your desire. The products captured here above are a sure bet for the cleanest toilet in town.

It’s no longer a question to ask your friends what they think I have done it for you but I guess they now need your advice.

If you are yet to use at least one of these awesome toilet brushes or you have one that does not work well get any of these brushes.

These toilet brushes are reliable, durable and will offer effective toilet cleaning. You can get these products from wherever you are, so go and get one.

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