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A toilet is among the most important areas of the house that forms a huge part of a comfortable and inviting home.

If you ask any person dedicated to making their house a place where they and other people can feel totally at home, they will tell you are having a clean, comfortable and nice smelling toilet can make your house more inviting than the most expensive mansions ever.

What is more disgusting than a toilet that stinks and has material all the time that never flushes away completely making the bowl a sight too gory to look at and forcing you to hold your nostrils every time you go for a session in there?

You will wish you could be living in another house. A toilet is inevitable, and if you are going to have one, then it might as well be a good one, the best in fact. You will find this comprehensive article very resourceful for the purpose of finding the best toilet.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Kohler Toilets

A good toilet is not very easy to find, and you need to be careful to find the best around for the best price. For a good toilet to be called so, it needs to meet certain specifications which are widely accepted as being a constituent of the best toilets.

Flushing Power

The ability of a toilet to get rid of all the material in the bowl is a measure of the performance excellence of the toilet without which it is not worth having in the first place.

The flushing power of the toilet should be such that it can take away all the waste down the drain comfortably.


You should be able to enjoy you stay in the toilet the few minutes you spend inside it in a day. You shouldn't come out of the toilet with crumpled muscles and hurt thighs. The toilet should be so comfortable you want to stay in it longer every time.


The compactness of a toilet says what kind of spaces it can fit in. The more compact and still comfortable a toilet, the more likely it is to fit in any space. It can transform your bathroom area no matter how small to a pleasant space, nice and inviting.

Amount Of Water Used

The amount of water used up in a single flush says how eco-friendly the toilet is made to be. In the past, toilets would use about 3.5 gallons per flush which was more than profligate. A toilet in the modern age should not use up more than 1.6 gallons per flush.

One-Piece Toilet

One piece toilet means a toilet in which all the constituent parts are combined into one compact and conjoined piece that is inseparable. The flushing unit the bowl and other parts are all one so that there are no crevices or clear demarcations.

Recommended Best Kohler Toilets

It can be a daunting task to find the right toilet. The best way to make a wise decision is to be informed about what you are making a decision about. This article is made for that, to leave you better informed to make better decisions about your toilet purchases.

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet

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This is a toilet model that was made with many aspects of a good toilet in mind.

To begin with, comfort is at the center of the design while features like eco- friendliness and a powerful flush add significantly to the superiority of this toilet.

One-Piece Toilet

One piece toilet is a scenario where the toilet is made in such a way that all its constituent parts are one. The flushing unit and the bowl make one unit.

This is an advantage for any toilet since it makes it easy to clean and averts issues of dirt getting stuck in crevices and spaces making cleaning difficult.

Comfortable Height

Comfort is a major factor in choosing the type of toilet to buy. Some toilets don't offer the right toilet height which compromises highly on comfort.

This toilet gives chair- height sitting which makes sitting and standing very easy thus increasing comfort.

Compact Elongated Bowl For Extra Comfort

On the same note about comfort, the Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa toilet is made to be an expert offering the user the best possible experience.

This toilet has an elongated bowl that enhances comfort more while the compact design further improves its fit into small bathrooms so that it doesn't cover too much space.

Aquapiston Canister

The power of a toilet's flush determines whether your toilet will always have material left in the bowl or if it will be sparkling clean.

This toilet has aqua piston canister technology that allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides creating a more powerful and effective flush.

Kohler K-14247-FL-0 English Trellis Design toilet

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When you buy this product, the one thing you will notice that is most conspicuous about it is its unique, wonderful and attractive design.

This is not to say beauty is the only thing it offers; there is a lot more greatness waiting within.

Wonderful Design

A great looking toilet makes you want to be in there all the time to look at the niceness of it. This toilet just looks marvelous and inviting when you set your eyes on it.

It is made with the English Trellis design which was inspired by the Legacy of English Chintz pattern. The light flower design is also reminiscent of hand- touched engravings.

Two-Piece Toilet

Cleaning a toilet and the trouble that the user goes through in the process is all determined by the design of the toilet and if the design supports or makes it easy to be cleaned.

This product is made as a two piece toilet meaning it has just two parts brought together and this works to make cleaning very easy.

Elongated Bowl For Extra Comfort

Comfort on a toilet can never be compromised. A toilet has to be comfortable if it is to offer the best user experience. The Kohler K-14247-FL-0 is designed to have an elongated bowl which offers added comfort and a better user experience altogether.

Ingenium Flushing System

Ingenium flushing system is a flushing system that uses gravity to take material away from the bowl, different from other flushing systems that use pressure chambers.

The design of the Ingenium flush not only makes for a quieter flush but also provides for a higher flushing power.

Kohler K-3393-47 San Raphael Comfort Height

Editor Rating:

This toilet is among the best in the market and as such it has features that will be of course point to the best.

The features of this product were made to specifically give the user a superior user experience while at the same time performing its basic functions excellently.

One-Piece Toilet

As is normal, it is crucial that your bathroom remains clean and this including your toilet. The toilet can help you clean itself by the way that it's designed.

This toilet is made to be a one piece toilet to mean that all its parts are joined into one. These types of toilets are easy to clean and remain clean for longer.

Powerful Flush

Having material still floating in your toilet after you flush can be quite a frustrating thing. This calls for a flushing unit that can do its job and do it excellently.

This toilet has a powerful flush that will get rid of all material from your bowl and leave you with no worries of whatsoever concerning that area.

Comfortable Height

The height of a toilet can either gain lots of points for it concerning comfort or leave it at the bottom of the performance chain.

This toilet is made with a height that makes it easy to stand and to sit as well making comfort an accomplished mission for it.

Twin Touch Flush Actuator

Attention to small detail like the flush actuator can tell you whether the product you are buying is going to be a good one or not. This Product is made with a twin Touch flush actuator taking flushing to a whole new dimension. Easy and manageable.

Kohler K-3901-0 Numi Comfort

Editor Rating:

Just like the name suggests, comfort makes up a big chunk of the niceness offered by this product.

On top of this, it is made to be compact and has a wonderful flush feature that you will discover in the description below.

Compact Streamlined One Piece Toilet

Most excellent toilets in the market you will find, are made as one piece, and it is for a very good reason.

One piece toilet shows the whole toilet is one block without crevices or demarcations, which makes it quite easy to clean and maintain.

Elongated Bowl Offer Added Room And Comfort

The feature of an elongated bowl is also one you will find with the best toilets in the market. An elongated bowl means added comfort and user experience. Who doesn't want to feel like they had a comfortable sit on the toilet seat?

Comfortable Height, Chair Height Sitting

Height also plays a significant role in determining how comfortable your toilet will be. This toilet is made with chair height sitting which you will agree makes it easy and comfortable to got into the bowl and to get off it as well. This highly contributes to the whole comfort idea.

Dual Flush Offers An Option Of 0.6 Or 1.28 GPF.

Flushing is a wide and complex technology, but that is so basic that it makes it or break it point for your whole toilet.

The Kohler K-3901-0 Numi Comfort is made with a dual flush option so that you can choose how much water you'd like to use in the flush; either 0.6 gallons or 1.28. Great huh? Though so too!

Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth

Editor Rating:

Good toilets will be known without even having to look too deep, toilets like this one.

This toilet is made as a two piece, with a rounded front bowl, and dual flushing options among other incredible features.

Two-Piece Toilet

This toilet is made to be a two piece toilet in that the whole toilet unit is made to be just two parts.

This decreases the number of spaces in which dirt can find a home and breed exponentially. Apart from that, it makes it easy to clean too.

Round Front Bowl For Smaller Baths

Different toilets have a different shape for the front of their bowls, and it is always for different reasons.

This Toilet is made with a round front bowl so that it can fit nicely in houses that have a small bathe area thus not occupying all the space.

Offers Choice Of 1.1 Or 1.6gpf

The Kohler K-3987-0 Well worth offers an incredible feature for the user. Depending on how much material is in the bowl or how much water the user thinks is necessary, you can choose between whether to flush using 1.1 gallons per flush or 1.6 gallons thus saving on water when necessary.

2 1/8 Inch Glazed Trap Way

The trap way gives a lot about a toilet and the size especially determines how much material the toilet can be able to flush away.

This toilet has a 2 1/8 inch glazed trap way which can handle much of the material for a normal home and even more.

Final Verdict

It is important to shop from an informed and enlightened point of view. This fact-based article has been written with this as the sole purpose; to leave you more informed than when you had not read it. So after a close and careful study, the decision stands with you now.

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