American Standard H2Option Review

American Standard never shies away from surprising the customers with the range of bathroom commodities that they come up with. Another one of its top-notch and innovative toilets is The American Standard H2Option lineup.

The interesting thing is, you’ll find the normal height and the right height toilets within this range. These can be further broken down into Elongated and Round bowl toilets based on the shapes of their bowls.

I’ll be reviewing American Standard 2889216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush toilet to show you what features and benefits this amazing toilet has.


Unique Design Facilitates Better Performance


American Standard 2889216.020 H2Option comes with a round bowl. The round bowl makes this toilet cheaper than the elongated ones out there. But it does compromise on space somewhat.

But this 2-piece toilet has another ace in the form of the EverClean Surface. This surface is produced by pouring an additive into the surface of the toilet bowl and into the piping. This additive keeps bacteria, molds, mildew at bay to provide you with a clean toilet bowl for longer.

The design also features a full glaze 2” trapway and a power rim that provides top notch performance combining with the flush.

Quick Installation Process

The American Standard H2Option toilet model 2889216.020 installs quickly. A Large portion of the credit goes to the manufacturers. They initiated “Speed Connect” system.

With this system, crucial bolts and grommets of this toilet come pre-installed from the factory. So, no more 3-hour long installing session for homeowners.

These pre-installed parts eliminate the loose ends. You won’t need many things as the majority of the parts come in the package.

As a result, your installation time is cut by a margin of staggering 30% as per other American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet Reviews.

Magic of PowerWash Rim and Flush

It is indeed magic. The rim is located right below the tank. Water comes down to the rim chamber from the tank, and this chamber locks the air inside.

As the water runs down, air pressure increases, and as a result, pressurized water is dispersed onto the bowl. There it combines with siphon jet to create an effective cleaning swirl.

Water is dispersed onto the bowl through two different flushes. One flush is the standard one of 1.28 gallons. Another one is 1.0-gallon flush.

How Good is the Siphon System?

The Siphon system is excellent. It works like a charm when you activate the flush. There is a jet inside the bowl that powers the water onto the bowl.

The powerful rim directly disperses water on the toilet bowl. After that, the toilet bowl jet spins and siphons the water in every corner of the bowl with tremendous speed.

This speed allows the water to clean all the dirt in the toilet bowl and leave it as clean as new. The dual-action of siphon and jet allows the water level in the bowl to be constant. Thus, water won’t splash on your body or anywhere else outward.

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  • Siphonic Dual Flush Technology.
  • HET (High Efficiency Toilet) Toilet certified by WaterSense.
  • Installation time is less than other toilets.
  • Flush is tested in the factory.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • It is not ADA certified.

FAQ about the Product

Q: Is there a minimum psi for water for this toilet to work?

A: Not that I know of, no. This American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush toilet works with any kind of water pipeline of any pressure. Even in places where there is low water pressure.

Q: Is there a minimum height requirement for me to install the toilet with the tank?

A: Numerous American Standard H2Option Review writers mentioned that you need to have the top of the water tank at least 29.5” above the ground.

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Final Words

American Standard H2Option Toilet Reviews will tell you, it is one of the bestselling bathroom commodities. Not only that, the H2Option line of American Standards has numerous happy customers.

Just see the ratings and the reviews, and you’ll find out. Model 2889216.020 of this lineup provides users with some of the best features that are hard to come by within the price range.

Whether you see the cut down in installation time or excellent flush performance, few can rival American Standard H2Option toilets. That is why it is only fair for me to recommend this product at the end of my review.

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