American Standard Champion 4 Review

Modern housing style has changed, and so has the look of a modern bathroom. So, why should a toilet be old-fashioned? And if you want a newer style toilet, American Standard Champion 4 toilet is the “Go to” brand.

Be it looks or the performance, the Champion 4 features right at the top with the best toilet manufacturing brands out there.

The manufacturers have gone into details and took care of the small things like Trapway, the flush valve, and the lid. The American Standard Champion 4 review will tell you how the brand blends high-performance and style together into one product.


The One-piece Design

It is really the highlight of American Standard Champion 4. The one-piece design makes this toilet stylish. It mounts on the floor. The seat is 15-inch tall from the floor.

So, the users can sit on it or stand without any troubles. The toilet bowl is comfortable as well. It is elongated in shape and thus makes you feel comfortable while you use the toilet.

The design features an EverClean surface. This surface keeps mildew, bacteria and other microscopic germs off the toilet territory for a healthy bathroom environment. Even after three years of using this toilet, I can still clean the surface without the extra bit of trouble.

The Trapway that is Bigger than Most Toilets

I’ve seen many toilets over the years at my friends’ or relatives’ houses. I must say, there are two types of trapways. The regular 2-inch is a type, and the 2-1/8-inch is the other.

Both of them require plunges to clean the clogging inside. But two years ago, I found American Standard Champion 4 Review which mentioned that it has even larger one.

The American Standard Champion 4 features a 2-1/3-inch trapway. This large one can move 40% more waste than the 2-1/8-inch ones and up to 70% more waste than the 2-inch traways. This is quite an achievement!

How much Waste Can It Flush?

American Standard Champion 4 really packs a punch when it comes to flushing water. The toilet uses the 4-inch flush valve to spray water inside the bowl.

The water runs down three times as fast as the standard 2-inch flush valves and twice as fast as those with 3-inch flush valves. The trick is, water runs fast rather than too much water gushing down the flush.

The unique design of the bowl and flush allow water to come down from all around the bowl. The force makes it impossible for dirt and waste to remain in any part.

I could tell that the commode took down almost 70 times the mass of what standard toilets would take down. To quantify that, American Standard Champion 4 can take down 1000 grams of waste at a time.

The Toilet is ADA Compliant

This is a significant advantage. As you guys should know, ADA is shorter for Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that American Standard Champion 4 toilet has the seat height of 16-1/2 inches. This can be set in restrooms, hotels as well as in houses.

This also means people with sitting and standing discomforts can use this toilet without a problem. In fact, the 16-1/2-inch seat provides a nice upright platform to sit or to stand.

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  • Simple design; looks elegant.
  • Flush works great.
  • 360-degree flush saves water.
  • Consistent performance.


  • Difficult to put together.

FAQ For the Product

Q: Does water cover the entire bowl when flushed?

A: No, water only reaches up to the small portion of the bowl. It doesn’t reach the part where the bowl grows bigger in size.

Q: Do I need to hold the handle down for flushing?

A: From my experience, no. You just press the handle, and that is it. The water flushes nicely.

Q: What additional parts do I have to get besides the seat to complete setup process?

A: Besides the seat, you’ll be needing a bolt kit and a wax ring. One thing to keep in mind is that this toilet is heavy. Get someone to help you through the installation process.

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Final Verdict

As I keep stating in my American Standard Champion 4 review, American Standard Champion 4 is a product worth the title. It has got everything.

Be it ease of use or be it quick cleaning, American Standard Champion 4 gives you the sleek looks as well as the flexibility of using.

You won’t even have to push the flush and hold it like with the regular toilets. The features and benefits make it the perfect “Single-Piece” toilet for the money.

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